I install custom cabinets, bookcases, fireplace mantel build outs to accommodate home theater rigging. General framing, stairs, balustrades, decks, and more. Whether it’s antique or new, traditional or modern, crown molding is an art that requires attention to detail. I repair, restore, and install wooden windows and doors.(I love doors!)


Outlet replacements, switches, lighting fixtures, recessed lighting, new service outlets, small conduit runs. I recently installed a gas-powered backup generator on a home's solar-assisted service panel!



Appliances, dishwashers, ovens, range hoods and vents, bathroom fans, bathtubs, showers, sinks, new faucets, toilets, wooden windows and doors, molding and trim work. If you caught me on the right day, you could probably even talk me into installing window coverings.


Although I will not snake the plugged sewer line for you, I will do a nice tidy job on your plumbing repairs and fixture replacements.

A toilet's wax floor seal should be replaced every 10 years. Most aren't and many were never set properly originally.